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  • Case Study: California Academy of Sciences


Affinitel Cloud-Based Products

  • Hosted VOIP Brochure – AffiniCall
    Download a straightforward information sheet about our Hosted VoIP services.
  • Hosted Call Accounting –
    Information about our fully managed call accounting cloud solution
  • Outbound Dialer – AffiniDial
    Interactive, outbound dialer for informational/marketing campaigns of all sizes!


Check out the feature-rich, budget-conscious Samsung phone systems we provide.

Samsung Digital Phones

Samsung VOIP Phones

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  • IP Office 500 Phone System Overview
    Learn about our most popular Avaya system.

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Test Internet Connection Speed
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California PUC (Public Utilities Commission) Teleconnect Fund

Big discounts on monthly telecom service (phone lines, T-1, DSL) for qualifying nonprofits.