Our Green Mission

 Affinitel Communications is no stranger to conservation.

Affinitel Green Business SF

We do our part to protect our environment and improve our everyday business process with efficient and green choices.  Affinitel Communications continues to reduce its carbon footprint by providing remote technical support instead of driving a vehicle to your location, providing free e-waste services, automating our invoicing process and even by soliciting our vendors to ship items in a more responsible fashion.  We have made loads of changes over the years to reduce our impact including, but not limited to:

  • Purchasing fuel-efficient and hybrid vehicles for our fleet
  • Providing FREE Phone System E-Waste services to our clients with all new system purchases
  • Going paperless in our office, a virtual service ticketing system, and emailing customer invoices
  • Refurbishing and re-purposing equipment
  • Increasing our number of telecommuting employees
  • Encouraging carpooling,  bicycling and public transit
  • Energy-saving office equipment
  • A Phone system that uses only 40% of the normal power to operate
  • When we have to print, using 30% post-consumer recycled content paper
  • Recycling all that we can in our San Francisco headquarters
  • Making equipment or in-kind gifts to organizations that help to beautify and conserve our communities through education and action.

We hope that our actions will inspire others to join us in conserving our greatest asset – our world – for generations to come.