Technical Library

Affinitel Communications continually adds manuals, brochures, technical notes and videos to our Technical Library.


Avaya 9508 Quick Reference Guide
Avaya 9608 IP Quick Reference Guide
Avaya 9600 Series IP Phones Guide
Avaya Contact Store Installation Guide
Avaya IP Office AT Commands
Avaya IP Office Basic Edition
Avaya IP Office Essential Edition
Avaya IP Office Preferred Edition
Avaya IP Office Advanced Edition
Avaya IP Office Mobile Worker Preferred
Avaya IP Office Office Worker
Avaya IP Office Teleworker
Avaya IP Office Power User
Avaya IP Office R8 Desktop Integration
Avaya IP Office R8 Mobile Collaboration
Avaya New Mobility with IP Office R8
Avaya IP Office Short Codes
Avaya SoftConsole User Guide
Avaya IP Office Platform Solution Description
Avaya IP Office Release 8 FAQ
Avaya IP Office Basic Edition PARTNER Mode
Avaya SBCE SME Platform Fact Sheet
Avaya IP Office R8 Sales Training
Avaya VOIP Guide 3
Avaya IP Wireless 3641-3645 Phone



BCM Series Voicemail Brochure
BCM Phones
BCM Handbook
BCM Model Numbers
BCM Features Card
BCM 4.0 Telephone Features
BCM50 System Overview
BCM50 and BCM450 Comparisons
BCM50 Brochure
BCM50 Quick Start Guide
BCM50 Technical Specs
BCM200, 400 Description
BCM400 Configuration Guide V3
BCM400 Expansion Gateway Engineering Guide For Releases 3.1.6 and 3.7
BCM450 Overview
BCM450 Presentation
BCM450 Features Guide
BCM450 Powerpoint
Call Pilot Fax Setup
Call Pilot Reference BCM
Call Pilot 150 Brochure
Call Pilot 150 Quick Start
Call Pilot 150 Desktop Quick Guide
NAM Software Upgrade
NAM Access
NAM 4.0 Setup Guide
NAM 4.0 Reference Guide
NAM 4.0 Installation
NAM 4.0 Add-on Software
Norstar SMDR6 User Guide
Nortel CICS Features Card
Startalk Flash V1, V2
Startalk Flash Reference Guide
Startalk Flash Maintenance Manual



OS 7100 General Description


OfficeServ 7400 General Description
DS 5000 User Guide
SMT i5210 User Guide
SMT i5220 User Guide
SMT i5230 User Guide
SMT i5243 User Guide
SMT W5120 User Guide



T3 – Scripts Tutorial
T3 Quick Reference Card
T3iQ Technical Note
T3 Architecture
T3 Feature Guide



Tadiran Coral Call Jet ACD Reporting
Tadiran Coral IPxOffice
Tadiran Coral Navigator
Tadiran Coral FlexIP Softphone User Guide
Tadiran Coral SeaMai l Administration Manual
Tadiran Coral PI 16.03
Tadiran Coral IPx Family
Tadiran Coral T207M and T208M User Guide
Tadiran-Polycom Phones
Tadiran UCx Product Description