Novacall – Automotive Industry


Recently, car dealerships have had to face an economy that greatly challenged their sales efforts.

In order to efficiently operate and maintain successful automotive organizations, emphasis must be placed on liability management, regulatory compliance and, most importantly, customer service. Car owners have a continuing need to stay in contact with the dealership and service department about purchase contracts, financing, warranty details, parts availability, current discount programs, service scheduling, etc. Maintaining top customer service levels is a priority and dealerships must be equipped with the ability to capture and obtain accurate and reliable information from their customers, to assist with consistently improving these levels.

Novacall’s call accounting and call recording products provide the most comprehensive solutions to give dealerships the insight and tools to optimize their workforce and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

With the Replay call recording and Nova call accounting solutions car dealerships are provided many benefits, including:

• Recording solutions for trunk side, station/ext. side and VOIP phones.

• Turnkey Nova and Replay solutions available.

• Nova call accounting works as the search engine to easily find recorded calls with many filters and report options.

• Web interface allows for password protected remote access to recorded calls.

• DNIS capability to track and maximize the value of marketing and advertising campaigns.

• Ability to listen in live on calls available on some solutions

• Recorded files can be stored on a local or network drive.

• Ability to email and download call recordings for training purposes or dispute resolutions.

• Encryption of call recordings available, recordings are only accessible by password

• No time constraints for data storage, recordings can be kept as long as desired, automatically archived and retrieved.

Novacall provides innovative, reliable and affordable call accounting and recording solutions to help car dealerships improve their business operations.

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