Novacall – Education


Educational facilities including schools and universities have specific needs that only an exceptional call accounting solution can satisfy. They need a call accounting solution that is reliable, flexible, and will provide them with the reports and information needed to monitor and optimize their phone systems.

With Nova, Educational Facilities can:
• Run custom call reports
• Identify threatening and harassing callers
• Be alerted when emergency calls are made
• Allocate telecom expenses
• Decrease phone abuse
• Eliminate toll fraud
• Optimize phone system performance

Nova easily handles heavy call volume experienced by colleges and universities by utilizing the robust power of the SQL Server report engine that can store up to 50 million call records and can handle an unlimited number of extensions. In addition, since Nova is a fully web based solution; authorized users can create up-to-the-minute reports and monitor phone usage from any computer with an internet connection.
Nova users are given substantial billing flexibility, including the ability to easily configure surcharges for Local, Local-Toll, In-State, Long Distance and International calls, build custom rate tables and bill various types of calls on a timed basis (including incoming calls). Additionally, Nova supports an unlimited number of authorization codes and provides comprehensive reporting capabilities for each student or staff member assigned to a code.

There are over a hundred reports available in Nova that detail specific extensions, users, departments and authorization codes, report data can be exported to Excel, Word or PDF documents. Any reports within Nova can also be set up to be automatically emailed on a regular basis.

There may be a need to identify threatening or harassing callers to help protect students and faculty. With Nova, schools can quickly isolate situations, such as this, by looking at detail extension reports that show the number and time of all calls made to and from the university. Alarms can be setup to alert staff when emergency calls, such as 911 or police numbers, are made from the school. Emergency and custom alerts can be e-mailed to administrators.

With Nova, educational facilities can cut costs by allocating telecom expenses by department and extension, decreasing phone abuse, eliminating toll fraud, and optimizing phone system performance.

By allocating telecom expenses, users can help control costs by setting budgets for each department or extension. Educational Facilities can also save money by eliminating fraud. Many organizations are victims of the unauthorized use of a company’s phone system. To combat toll fraud, users can setup custom exception reports such as after-hours/weekend activity, long-duration/high-cost calls, short-duration incoming calls and “800” number usage to track “800” to “900” numbers.

In addition to eliminating toll fraud, educational facilities can save money by having their phone systems optimally trunked. If an organization has too many trunks, they may be overpaying, if they have too few, they may be losing customers or limiting their services. Trunk analysis reports will help schools analyze current and future telephone needs, and as a result keep their phone system performing at its best.

Here are just a few Educational Facilities that currently use Nova:
• Colgate University
• Barnard College
• Duke university
• Harvard University DCE
• New England School of Law
• Vassar College
• NY Academy of Medicine

For more information or to request a demo, please contact us at 800-300-DIAL (3425).