Novacall – Financial Industry


Financial institutions deal with critical, private information on a regular basis and face an increasing number of regulatory and competitive challenges, especially as both the overall economy and the financial industry itself have tightened. Efficient tracking and recording of their voice and data exchanges is not only needed for regulatory compliance, but will also provide insight into how employee performance and customer service can be improved.

NovaCall’s call accounting and call recording solutions help financial businesses optimize their resources, enhance customer service, measure work efficiency and meet regulatory requirements by tracking and recording all calls.

Call recording systems have become a critical component of every financial institution’s technology arsenal. With Replay call recording and Nova call accounting companies are able to:

• Record calls and meet compliance and industry regulations

• Encrypt recorded customer interactions and meet security standards

• Record calls for liability protection and dispute resolution

• Record calls in customer service departments, download and/or email those recordings for training purposes to improve contact center performance

• Work with an easy to use interface with Nova acting as the search engine to find the Replay recordings.

• Search for recordings using numerous reports and filters

• Access recordings through a web interface allowed only by password protected remote access

• Automatically archive recordings for permanent data storage

• Have the option of a turn key solution including all hardware, software and cables

• Have the ability to listen in live (available on some solutions)

• Have the ability to pause the recording feature to exclude sensitive information (available on some solutions)

NovaCall provides innovative, reliable and affordable call accounting and recording solutions to help businesses in the financial industry improve their business operations and comply with industry regulations.

For more information or to request a demo, please contact us at 800-300-DIAL (3425).