Call Center Applications

Samsung Xchange has been developed to provide you with easy-to-use technology that enhances not just your organization’s productivity but also lets you work much more collaboratively. Whether you are a small office with one site or a large organisation with multiple sites, using Xchange always lets your users have access to everything they need to communicate efficiently.

The Samsung Xchange product portfolio consists of 3 powerful products which work in synergy with each other.


XchangeSamsung Xchange

Samsung Xchange connects your telephone to your office computer, making you more productive. When a call is received by your telephone, the caller’s telephone number (CLI) is displayed on your screen in a small, discreet notification window.
Samsung Xchange also connects to your company’s CRM database/application and looks up the name of the caller in the database for you and displays it. This will allow you to know who’s calling even before answering t   he phone. You can also use the buttons on the notification window to answer the call, or to bring up the caller’s record in the CRM application, saving you valuable time during the call– making you more productive and your customers happier. As well as “popping” inbound callers details, Samsung Xchange allows you to quickly and easily dial from your CRM application and search for contacts by name or location– often in an easier way than is provided by the actual CRM application itself.
In addition to CRM integration and call previewing, Samsung Xchange provides the following features:

  • Call control from your PC.
  • Internal contact manager for private contacts that are not in the company’s main CRM database.
  • A detailed call history to see at a glance who you have been calling and called by, no more lost calls.
  • Dial from anywhere – Web pages, Microsoft applications, most database applications and many other places.
  • Presence – see the presence status of colleagues, including whether they are in DND, out of the office, in a meeting etc and directly place a call to them.


OperatorXchange Operator

With Samsungs new generation Operator Console, your operator staff become more than just call handlers, they become an integral part of your sales and customer service operation. So it is imperative that incoming calls are managed as effectively and professionally as possible by your Operators.
That’s why Samsung has developed Xchange Operator, a full screen client application designed to be used in conjunction with a Digital or IP handset to provide full operator functionality. With the simplicity of point and click operation, Xchange Operator replaces traditional handset key and lamp working to offer each Operator extensive call handling functionality, vastly improving their day-to-day management of incoming call traffic.


MobileXchange Mobile

Samsung Xchange Mobile Client (Xchange Mobile) is an application for Android mobile phones that connects to a Samsung Xchange server enabling dialling and collaboration features between mobile and office users of Samsung Xchange.
Samsung Xchange mobile Client provides both dialling and collaboration features enabling your mobile centric workers to benefit fully from the Xchange product portfolio.