Samsung 7000 Series Overview

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Choose Samsung and Gain the Advantage for Your Business

Once only available to the largest companies, Samsung technology provides small and midsized businesses with sophisticated and affordable communications solutions. The OfficeServ™ 7000 Series supports multiple network technologies and protocols for accessing the public telecom network, including traditional voice communication, voice over IP (VOIP), IP-based data communication, SIP services and wireless solutions through Wi-Fi. Additional benefits include:

  • 99% of the same features reside on all platforms providing easy migration and exceptional investment protection.
  • Our 5-year systems warranty provides peace of mind and additional ROI.  Affinitel provides advanced replacements for the 5 years as well.
  • Similar platform features and functionality mean lower hardware costs, ease of maintenance, and enhanced employee familiarity with telephones and applications.

The OfficeServ 7000 Series consists of:

  • OfficeServ™ 7030 – advanced technology for small businesses with limited budgets
  • OfficeServ™ 7100 – out-of-the-box performance for converged small business solutions
  • OfficeServ™ 7200-S – powerful technology with affordable, incremental growth potential
  • OfficeServ™ 7200 – remarkable power and versatility for small and midsized businesses
  • OfficeServ™ 7400 – a robust infrastructure for complex business environments

Samsung 7000 Chart
Samsung has a range of stylish, easy-to-use, ergonomic handsets that provide the user with access to a host of valuable features. Our newest addition, the SMT-iSeries of IP phones offers:

  • Large LCD screen with scroll feature that displays detailed call information
  • Context-sensitive keys to help users easily navigate through the system’s features
  • Programmable function keys with tri-color LED status indicators that can be used for speed dialing, one-touch feature keys, and traditional ‘lamp and key’ working
  • Cell phone-like features with an interface that keeps pace with today’s users

Samsung SMTI

Samsung’s robust solutions add value to your business:

  • Enterprise-grade feature set
  • Wired and wireless mobility solutions
  • Voice and data
  • Full line of IP and TDM terminals
  • CTI applications
  • Multi-site networking
  • Sophisticated voice mail
  • Unified messaging
  • Business collaboration solutions

Messaging (download PDF brochure)
Every OfficeServ™ 7000 Series system includes call processing features such as voicemail, auto attendant and fax-mail. In addition, the Samsung SVMi-20E Voice Messaging System and the Samsung OfficeServ™ IP-UMS Unified Messaging System seamlessly integrate disparate technologies such as office and cell phone voicemail, email, faxes, and more.

Mobility Solutions (download PDF brochure)
Today’s business environment requires employees to have access to their office workstations whenever and wherever business calls. With Samsung, now small-to-midsized businesses can take advantage of advanced mobility solutions such as remote IP phones, MOBEX, hot desking, SoftPhones, and wireless applications.